Rainbow bowls

Rainbow bowls
All bowls are hand thrown high-fire porcelain with celadon glazes. Note: your view of the colors may vary based on your monitor and its settings. Think pure delightful rainbow colors! They are food, microwave and dishwasher safe. “Chakra Bowls” are embossed in the center with my designs based on the traditional chakra mandalas. “Rainbow Bowls” do not have a design in the center. The offering bowl size is great for small desserts and snacks. The large size holds a generous bowl of soup and the like. The two sizes nestle.

How to Use the Chakra and Rainbow Bowls

There are many essential oils and gems that correlate with the chakras, some of which are listed in Understanding the Chakras (see Chakras Bowls page). Why not foods? How about a nice green salad eaten from the heart chakra bowl when you are needing to have lunch AND activate feelings of love and devotion? Fill the bowl with water, add a few drops of essential oil and warm in the microwave to infuse your environment with aroma. After meditation toss the energized water in your bath water with epsom salts (to diffuse the oils) and continue pampering as needed. They can hold a special gem to be cleansed in salt water. Or fill them with flower petals. Use them to feed a cranky pet who maybe needs a little chakra grounding. Be creative and follow your heart!

Note: Before ordering please take a moment to read the shipping and ordering policies.

Offering bowls:
4.5” diam. x 1.5” tall (12cm x 4cm). 8 ounces (.24 liter). $20.00 each for Chakra; $15.00 each for Rainbow

Large bowls:
6” diam. x 2.5”tall (15.5cm x6.5cm). 24 ounces (.71 liter) $30.00 each for Chakra; $25.00 each for Rainbow

Sets of 7 bowls take $10.00 off your total price!

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